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'Anko FOOL' is a collection of modern bengali poems by Ripan Halder - An author by passion. This is the second book of Ripan. Ripan's pen attract the present situation and the psychological crisis of human society. He creates a rhythm through his poems. A must buy content for the book worms and poetry lovers. It will smoothly score a century in the minds of the readers.



Ripan Halder

বিলাসী অপব্যয়,উজ্জ্বলতা ও তাপে কবি নিজেকে নিঃশেষ করতে বাধ্য, যাতে আদিম উপাদানগুলির জ্যোতি উজ্জীবিত হয় ।


Kumar Ghosh

Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, born on 9th Nov 1955, having Bachelor’s Degree, and decades of experiences in the areas of civil construction, has already made his mark in the India at the age of 28, by riding bicycle, allover India, to spread and preach the mantra of Peace.